Department of Ophthalmology

Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2010

Sohail Khan, M.D.

Interests: Foreign language (fluent in English, Spanish, French, Urdu), travel, cooking, on and off road cycling.

After graduation: Vitreo-retinal fellowship, University of Texas, Southwestern, Dallas

Educational Background
B.S. Management -- Georgia Institute of Technology -- 2002

M.D. -- Medical College of Georgia -- 2006

Transitional Medicine Internship -- Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital -- 2007

Presentations & Awards:
June 20, 2008PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Cannabidiol"
June 26, 2009PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"Development of New Anti-Inflammatory Therapies for Diabetic Retinopathy."
August 1, 20092009 Johnny L. Gayton Award
Highest PGY2 and PGY3 Resident OKAP Score
June 25, 2010PGY-4 Resident Research Presentation
"Adenosine Level Modulation and Traumatic Optic Neuropathy"
Rachana Patel, M.D.

Interests: Basketball, drawing, painting, origami, swimming, camping, cooking.

After graduation: Cornea & External Disease, University of Minnesota Department of Ophthalmology

Educational Background
B.S. Biomedical Sciences -- University of Florida -- 2002

M.D. -- University of Florida, College of Medicine -- 2006

Internal Medicine Internship -- University of Florida, College of Medicine -- 2007

Presentations & Awards:
June 20, 2008PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"Evaluation of Pre-operative Risk Factors for LASIK Enhancement"
June 26, 2009PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"The Corneal Epithelium Phospholipase D2 / Aquaporin-3 Signaling Module in Eye Diseases."
June 25, 2010PGY-4 Resident Research Presentation
June 25, 20102010 Resident Presentation Competition-Second Place.
"The Corneal Epithelium Phospholipase D2 / Aquaporin-3 Signaling Module in Eye Diseases."
Kin Yee, M.D.

Interests: Baseball, basketball, football, running, weight training, photography, reading, architecture.

After graduation: Vitreo-Retina Fellowship

Educational Background
B.A. Biology -- Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY -- 1997

M.D. -- St. Georges University School of Medicine -- 2004

Internal Medicine Internship -- New York Medical College -- 2005

Presentations & Awards:
June 20, 2008PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"CD44 and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma."
June 26, 2009PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"Toll-Like Receptor 4 in Diabetic Retinopathy."
June 25, 2010PGY-4 Resident Research Presentation
"Toll-like Receptor-4 in Diabetic Retinopathy (Continued from 2009)"

Graduation Date: Friday, June 25th 2010
Place: Augusta Marriott Hotel & Suites, Downtown Augusta, Georgia

Summary: Commencement was held together with the 34th Annual Resident-Alumni Meeting at the The Augusta Marriott Hotel & Suites in Augusta, Georgia.

As the banquet drew to a close Dr. Ulrich assumed the podium and launched into the festivities for the evening. Many thanks were issued to all from the staff of the Marriott who were doing a fine job in servicing the meal to Erica Bass who was the driving force behind many of the events.

The residents always present their talks at this meeting and these talks are given in the morning and early afternoon sessions. The alumni will meet after the Friday meeting to go over business and then choose the awards for the top 3 presentations. This year Dr. Alex Mammen (Class of 2011) received first place with Dr. Rachana Patel (graduating) taking second and third going to Dr. Andrea Prosser (Class of 2012). These awards are traditionally given out by the president of the alumni association. Dr. Mac McLeod (Class of 1981) has been in this role for a number of years, but given health issues has retired from ophthalmology and the presidency has been passed to the next generation of docs. Dr. MacGregor Lott (Class of 2007) assumed the presidency and delivered the awards mentioned above.

Dr. John Riffle presented a plaque, read by Dr. Kin Yee, to Dr. Richard Goodwin who has been one of the adjunct faculty members at the Downtown Augusta, VA Medical Center for many years. Dr. Goodwin is retiring from this educational mission and will be missed

In reviewing the schedule for the banquest Dr. Nussbaum asked, "Where's the roast?" Well, Chip Oester had done such a fine event in the previous year it was felt it should be continued. As it was Dr. Ulrich had approached Kin Yee, as he was the chief resident, about the potential for a roast and Dr. Yee wanted to pass. Sohail Khan, however, came through and asked to say a thing or two. He briefly thanked the faculty for the time he had had and gave some parting advice to the more junior residents. Not only did he make some comments but each of his fellow seniors did as well.

Dr. Nussbaum gave the commencement address. The focus of his talk was on that of modesty or respecting boundariers. He indicated that all three of the graduating seniors are modest, of a quiet demeanor, respect boundaries and work with people. He blessed them as good people and wished them success.

Dr. Ulrich drew the evening to a close going over a few details of each of the residents. Sohail Khan was identified as being pervasively calm or unflappable. He bore a character of excellence and was mentioned as being a person with a genuine interest in the needs of others. He will be going on to fellowship training at the University of Texas, Southwestern. Rachana Patel was lauded for being gracious combined with a balanced self-confidence. She was passionately interested in ophthalmology and is heading to a cornea and external disease fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Last, Kin Yee, the chief resident for this class who is heading to a retina fellowship at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY, was commended for his hard work and dedication to his colleagues and initiative in residency management.

All three seniors had a their parents and a number of others in attendance. Along with them there were also many techs, Ms. Harrison, the guest speakers, some of the local ophthalmologists and members of the Vision Discovery Institute.

In the standard fashion Dr. Julian Nussbaum opened the meeting and the resident talks commenced immediately. Dr. Anastasios Costarides gave the 9th Annual David S. Hull Lectureship with a talk titled: "Alternative Therapy in Glaucoma from Neuroprotection to other remedies." The balance of the residents presented after lunch and they were followed by talks from Drs. Costarides and Levine. Dr. Levine's Friday afternoon talk was on Dyslexia which effects a number of people but is not thoroughly understood. Saturday morning started with Dr. Costarides final talk and the sessions concluded wih Dr. Levine speaking on adult strabismus, pediatric IOL calculations and neonatal IOP measurements. The meeting drew to a close around noon on Saturday.