Department of Ophthalmology

Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2014

Scotty Gadlin, M.D.

Interests: Tennis, racquetball, cooking, "grillmeister," travel, Greek yogurt, football, especially Atlanta Falcons.

After graduation: Private practice

Educational Background
B.S.Biologic Sciences -- University of Georgia, Athens -- 2005

M.D. -- Medical College of Georgia -- 2010

Internal Medicine Internship -- Medical College of Georgia -- 2011

Presentations & Awards:
March 16, 2012PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"Outcomes of patients on ophthalmic tacrolimus" (given as poster)
June 7, 2013PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"Correlation of acute phase reactants and temporal artery biopsy results."
June 27, 2014PGY-4 Resident Alumni Presentation
"Correlation of acute phase reactants and temporal artery biopsy results." (Final by Dr. Gadlin)
Megan Randazzo, M.D.

Interests: Competitive long distance running (Cooper River Bridge Run 10K 2009; Alpharetta Half Marathon 2008; Potomac River Run Half Marathon 2005), Penn State football, Hershey Park enthusiast

After graduation: Joining Georgia Regents University Department of Ophthalmology

Educational Background
B.S. Science / Neurobiology -- Pennsylvania State University -- 2006

M.D. -- Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine -- 2010

General Surgery Internship -- University of Hawaii -- 2011

Presentations & Awards:
March 16, 2012PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"Cognitives Rehabilitation of Neuro-Ophthalmological Deficits Using the Neuroscientific Principles of Ambiguity Reduction" (given as poster)
February 9, 2013GEM Meeting (coordinated by Georgia Society of Ophthalmology)
"Techniques used to assess intraocular pressure"
June 7, 2013PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"Resident exposure to refractive surgery." (ongoing)
June 27, 2014PGY-4 Resident Research Presentation
“Resident exposure to laser refractive surgery”
Shivani Sethi, M.D.

Interests: Classical Indian dance (Bharat Natyam) with performances at the Fox Theater and Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. Teaching of dance.

After graduation: Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Educational Background
B.S. Microbiology -- University of Georgia, Athens -- 2006

M.D. -- Mercer University School of Medicine -- 2010

Pediatrics Internship -- University of Louisville, Kosair Children's Hospital -- 2011

Presentations & Awards:
March 16, 2012PGY-2 Resident Research Presentation
"Identification of TGF beta regulated protein in aqueous humor" (given as poster)
September 15, 2012Southeastern Society of Neuro-ophthalmology
"A steroid responsive optic neuropathy of unclear etiology"
May 30, 20132013 Nussbaum & Goei Award (inaugural award)
Highest OKAP score among our residents
June 7, 2013PGY-3 Resident Research Presentation
"TGF-beta related proteins in aqueous humor" (ongoing)
June 7, 20132013 Resident Research Presentation Competition--Third Place
"TGF-beta related proteins in aqueous humor"
April 25, 2014Journal Article
Rozette NA, Matragoon S, Sethi S, Goei S, Manasco KB, El-Remessy AB. Systemic effects of ophthalmic cyclopentolate on body weight in neonatal mice. Neonatology 2014; 106(1):37-41.
June 27, 2014PGY-4 Resident Research Presentation
“Identification of TGF-Beta Regulated Proteins in Aqueous Humor“
June 27, 20142014 Resident Research Presentation Competition--First Place
"Identification of TGF-Beta Regulated Proteins in Aqueous Humor"

Graduation Date: Friday, June 27th 2014
Place: River Room, St. Pauls Church, Downtown Augusta, Georgia

Summary: This ceremony was Friday night and in a similar style to many of the prior years. One big change is that we did not schedule a Saturday set of meetings to allow families to meet and golf to be played.

The evening was commenced by Dr. Nussbaum's words to the seniors. He focused on the issues of happiness and contentment. As part of these dual characteristics he encouraged the alumni to be able to know when and how to say, "enough is enough" alongside a balance of easy and difficult things.

After he concluded his talks Dr. McGregor Lott as the President of the Alumni Association, came to the podium and awarded the best resident presentation awards. Dr. Zafar took third place; Dr. Henderson second and Dr. Sethi first. After this Dr. Lott announced the first Alumnus of the Year award and gave this to Dr. Jack Chapman (Class of 1992). Dr. Chapman said a few words.

Then Dr. Nussbaum gave the "NAG" (Nussbaum & Goei; given its name last year by their son Noah) Award for the highest score on the 2014 OKAP test. It was given to Dr. Scotty Gadlin. Congrats and Excellent work Scotty!

Then came the residents show stealing. Dr. Zafar asked for 2-5 minutes of time and then took nearly 20. It was a great time as he roasted the seniors and brought up a number of meaningful events the 9 of these residents have had in the last years. The seniors then gave their thanks and roasts. Some of the shots taken were really quite memorable, e.g. the concept that if Dr. Randazzo & Dr. Zafar were to have a child together it would look like the child the Moe's Southwest Grill used to put on their billboard advertising their chicken was not on steroids. The residents have often debated whose idea this was with many taking credit. Dr. Randazzo, who was 16 days before the delivery of her child, fired back at Dr. Zafar saying that the child she carried could not be his for the child already weighed 6 lbs and 8 ounces.

The seniors gave the inaugural Birnbaum "Teacher of the Year" award to Dr. Thomas.

This year we only had our meeting on Friday. The 9 residents gave their talks and scattered among this was the four talks. Dr. Jim Crandall (Class of 2004) gave the 13th David S. Hull Lecture and Dr. Tim Root (Class of 2009) the 2nd Fleetwood Maddox Lecture. Tim clearly was best in show as usual. Dr. Chip Oester (Class of 2008 with Dr. Espinosa) and Dr. Mammen (Class of 2011) rounded out the presentations. The scientific program was excellent and was well attending with many more alumni that in the recent many years.